B Visa and Visa Waiver (ESTA) – Can You Work While in the U. S.?

man holding air ticket in airportNot everyone will need to obtain an EB5 Business Plan in order to do business in the United States. There are people that live in other countries that want to conduct business or open another office up in the United States. These people will have to obtain some sort of Visa but the extent will depend upon the amount of time they plan on spending in the United States and the number of trips that they will exit and leave the States. The EB5 Visa is a green card for citizen ship for the United States.

What Visa Is Needed?

There can be much confusion when selecting the proper Visa for entry into the United States. There are many options and plans for guests and for people from other countries doing business here. Many businessmen and companies will use attorneys or other professionals to help them to complete all of the proper paperwork and laid out plans to obtain their proper Visa. The B group of Visa will mainly cover vacationing in the United States and do not allow any type of business work during the visits. The L and E plans are mainly geared towards the business plans and will vary depending upon the type of business use that you have planned.

How To Get Started On Your Business Visa?

  • First have a well thought out and thorough business plan written out and explained in Detail
  • Discuss your plans with an immigration attorney for your business and time in the United States
  • Have your attorney review and make sure that your business plan is well laid out to meet the Visa requirements
  • Go over your plans for the amount of time that you will be in the United States
  • Have your attorney go over which Visa plan will work the best for you and your business and make sure all of the paper work is done properly

Doing Business In The United States

Even though it gets confusing your immigration attorney specializes in knowing if you will need an E2 Business Plan or another form of Visa. This makes operating your business in the United States easier for you or your company. Selecting the proper Visa will allow you to complete the necessary training, operations and follow ups that you will need to accomplish for the success of your business.

Many businesses have been very successful with branches in other countries and in the United States. Remember if you only have a B Visa or a Visa Waiver (ESTA) you can not conduct business in the United States. It is illegal to conduct business in the United States without the proper Visa if you are not a U. S. citizen. So when you are planning to expand your operations into the United States make sure that you have all of the proper business papers and your proper L 1 Visa Business Plan or whichever one suits your business needs.

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