The best immigration business plans

The best immigration business plans

According to us immigration experts, one of the most important thing that applicants of business or job outside the country will require, is the immigration business plan. This business plan shows that the job you are going to acquire or the business you are going to start is maintainable and workable.

The immigration process involves a lot of documentation and choosing the right business plan is not an option but is the requirement to get through the process. There are many types of business plans like L1 Visa Business Plan, O1 Visa Business Plan, EB5 Visa Plan, E2 Visa Business Plan, etc.

The immigration business plan plays very important role in building a strong business and getting the visa you are applying for. the success of the plan depends on many factors. There is a proper criterion which needs to be fulfilled for writing the plan. The way in which you pursue the plan affects the whole application procedure of your visa.

The best immigration business plans

Top US Immigration Business Plans

  • E2 Visa Business Plan


This business plan takes 7 to 8 days for completion and consists of 35+ pages. The E2 Visa Business Plan is mandatory for those workers who need to enter in the US, and their jobs are inside the US. After the successful submission and acceptation of the Business Plan for E2 Visa, you can use this visa, but you have to renew it every year. The investment which applicant controls while staying inside the US should be substantial, and he must contribute to the US economy.


The Business Plan for E2 Visa are especially for the non-immigrants who are from outside the country and want to work on the U.S. visa will be valid for two years and is renewable for more than five years. The investments of individuals must reach the $100,000 and fully support a business. These visas are available only for treaty countries.


  • L1 Visa Business Plan


It is the document required when you apply for the visa to enter the US if the purpose of your work lies in L1 status. The visa will be valid for three years and is non-immigrant. These visas often used by those people who work for those international companies that have branches both inside and outside the US.


Using the L1 Visa Business Plan, the foreigners can shift their office into the US after working for at least a year in abroad to get the L1 status for the same company. The office in the US should be either child company, the parent company, the sister company to the main company outside the US.


  • EB5 Visa Business Plan


The EB5 Business Plan is used for getting the visa that provides a way of obtaining the green card for individuals who belong to the outside of US and spend their money in the US. The minimum possible limit for investment is $1,000,000. This business plan also permits to invest in the regional center which is a department that takes cares of economic growth and employments within the certain region.

For many cases, such as when you are applying for business or an employment especially outside the US the immigration business plan is very crucial. Different business plans cost differentially. Like, EB5 Business Plan is the most expensive one because it depends upon the investment of an individual and helps in getting the long-lasting green card. For more information regarding the US immigration visas, visit and select that plan which suits you best.

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