Can I get an E-2 Visa with a low amount of Investment? Is there a minimum amount of an Investment?

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The E2 Visa is granted to investors or business people who wish to purchase an existing business in the US or to establish a new business. The said visa is granted to investors who have a substantial capital to support the investment in the US. Also, only those investors who are a citizen of a country under the US treaty are eligible to apply for the E2 Visa.

How much is the needed capital for the E2 Visa?

To be on the safer side, the amount of money needed for the E2 visa is around $100,000. Although, there are immigration law firm stated that they had obtained information on the investment at $35,000 in the bank as working capital. Some agencies shared investment quote than the others; however, understanding the US consulate requirement, the investor should be able to demonstrate the capacity to fund the investment means the amount has to be significant. The $100,000 bank statement for the working capital is more on the safer side considering the volatile.

Depending on the nature of investment that the investor is investing in, the amount of investment may be not that exuberant, just like in the car manufacturing industry. The amount of investment is dependent on the nature of the business. Some experts say that the $15,000 investment got approved. In short, there is required investment account in US currency but it all depends on the type of investment that the foreign investor wants to buy or establish in the US.

How To Begin The E2 Visa Process

The number one requirement that the foreign investor has to prepare is the business plan. The business plan for E2 Visa should contain the financials of the company, and this is where the capital for the investment is detailed. The applicant must demonstrate his or her capacity to finance the investment to support the new business venture, a business plan should include;

• The source of funds

o Bank deposits
o Sources of the capital
o Escrow Documents
o Or legitimate financial statement

Apart from these documents, the applicant should also demonstrate how to finance the business in the next five years. The E2 visa expires in five years time, but it can be renewed without any cap. The applicant needs to support this claim by providing the following;

Foreign workers

o Five-year cash flow projections
o Revenue and Expenses projections
o Market research
o And other pertinent documents

The business plan for E2 visa requires intensive documentation, and it is for this reason that most applicants seek the services of the immigration lawyers to help them out on the documentation process. The preparation of the immigration business plan is tedious plus the outcome has to be professionally written to favor fast approval of the visa. Lastly, the visa processing once all the documents are handed in runs for three weeks to three months depending on the number of applicants and in the review of the documents process.

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