Do I have to make a Business Plan to Get an E-2 Visa?

E-2 Visa Seminar

The E2 visa or also known as the investor’s visa is granted to business people/investors who are financially capable of investing in the US. Secondly, the applicant has to be a citizen of the foreign country that the US has ties with or treaty. The E2 visa processing, once all the documents are submitted can run from three weeks to three months.

Important Visa Requirement

The bulk of the document is on the business plan. For all E2 visa applicants, a business plan is a must prior visa processing. The good news is the foreign applicant can entrust the making of the business plan to the immigration law firm. Most law firms now have the immigration business plan writing following what the US consulate requirement. Also, the making of the business plan for the E2 visa can be delegated to the applicant’s Certified Accountant and submit the same to the consulate.

How To Present Business Plan Content

• Primarily, the business plan for E2 Visa is the crucial document to demonstrate the applicant’s capacity to finance his or her investment in the US. In the business plan, it should reflect the company’s capital. A sizeable amount of money is needed to purchase existing business in the US or in putting up a new investment in a foreign land. Therefore, the capital that is stated in the business plan adheres to the requirement.

o Mission/Vision statement

o Long terms goals

o Market Research/Analysis (

o Personnel/Manpower Plan

o Product and Services Description

o Detailed Financial Plan

• The business plan has to be cohesive and simple. The data need not be short, but it must highlight the important figure so that the US consul reviewing the business plan data does not have to spend extra time deciphering the document.

• Document organization spells the difference. For ease in the review process, the business plan has to be sorted out in accordance to the table of contents to avoid any delay in the processing proper. Using a colored tab for each section can help in categorizing the documents.

E-2 Visa Seminar

• The executive summary is the first part of the business plan, and usually, this is where the visa reviewer/adjudicator looks at first. Hence, the summary should be concise, at least 1-2 pages detailing the important points in the entire business plan and setting things up so you know what is to come next.

• Lastly, before finalizing a business plan, have it checked by another person, either a colleague or a professional writer. This is to ensure a faultless business plan to get a visa approved based on the schedule.

The business plan for E2 Visa documentation is intensive, and for a foreign applicant to do all the paperwork, this can be daunting. Any misprints or error in the data can mean the denial of a visa or an extended time for visa processing to rectify the faults in the documents. The delay or denial of the visa can mean other expenses for the re-filling of the visa and for hiring the immigration lawyer.

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