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Will Changes to US Law Make It Harder For You to Create an Immigration Business Plan?

Creating a good immigration business plan will make the difference between getting approved for an L1 visa and getting rejected. Despite what you might think, it’s not always easy to get approved for such visas as there are thousands of applicants each and every year.

Top 5 Things to Do Before Obtaining an EB5 Visa

  If you have an interest in the EB5 visa business plan as a method to get to the United States, there are some steps you have to take to prepare yourself. By chance, you can do most with the little assist from others. Given that

The H-1B Visa Issue Explained

Many people are confused about the new Immigration Business Plan or the H-1B visa plan that the president of America, Donald Trump instate. There are many questions and confusion about this new visa law and there are many people that don’t agree with this new

The best immigration business plans

The best immigration business plans

According to us immigration experts, one of the most important thing that applicants of business or job outside the country will require, is the immigration business plan. This business plan shows that the job you are going to acquire or the business you are going

Why E-2 Visa May Be Perfect Option To Start A Small Business in the United States

Why E-2 Visa May Be Perfect Option To Start A Small Business in the United States

Have you ever wondered about expanding your small business to the United States?  There are many myths regarding starting your own business in the United States that are not true.  First of all, there is the idea that EB-5 green card category is what you

Do I have to make a Business Plan to Get an E-2 Visa?

E-2 Visa Seminar

The E2 visa or also known as the investor’s visa is granted to business people/investors who are financially capable of investing in the US. Secondly, the applicant has to be a citizen of the foreign country that the US has ties with or treaty. The E2 visa processing, once all the documents are submitted can run from three weeks to three months.

Important Visa Requirement

The bulk of the document is on the business plan. For all E2 visa applicants, a business plan is a must prior visa processing. The good news is the foreign applicant can entrust the making of the business plan to the immigration law firm. Most law firms now have the immigration business plan writing following what the US consulate requirement. Also, the making of the business plan for the E2 visa can be delegated to the applicant’s Certified Accountant and submit the same to the consulate.

How To Present Business Plan Content

• Primarily, the business plan for E2 Visa is the crucial document to demonstrate the applicant’s capacity to finance his or her investment in the US. In the business plan, it should reflect the company’s capital. A sizeable amount of money is needed to purchase existing business in the US or in putting up a new investment in a foreign land. Therefore, the capital that is stated in the business plan adheres to the requirement.

o Mission/Vision statement

o Long terms goals

o Market Research/Analysis (http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/10/29/ibm-and-twitter-team-up-to-give-business-a-gauge-powered-by-social-media/)

o Personnel/Manpower Plan

o Product and Services Description

o Detailed Financial Plan

• The business plan has to be cohesive and simple. The data need not be short, but it must highlight the important figure so that the US consul reviewing the business plan data does not have to spend extra time deciphering the document.

• Document organization spells the difference. For ease in the review process, the business plan has to be sorted out in accordance to the table of contents to avoid any delay in the processing proper. Using a colored tab for each section can help in categorizing the documents.

E-2 Visa Seminar

• The executive summary is the first part of the business plan, and usually, this is where the visa reviewer/adjudicator looks at first. Hence, the summary should be concise, at least 1-2 pages detailing the important points in the entire business plan and setting things up so you know what is to come next.

• Lastly, before finalizing a business plan, have it checked by another person, either a colleague or a professional writer. This is to ensure a faultless business plan to get a visa approved based on the schedule.

The business plan for E2 Visa documentation is intensive, and for a foreign applicant to do all the paperwork, this can be daunting. Any misprints or error in the data can mean the denial of a visa or an extended time for visa processing to rectify the faults in the documents. The delay or denial of the visa can mean other expenses for the re-filling of the visa and for hiring the immigration lawyer.

Does an Investment in Real-Estate Qualify for an E-2 Visa? Can I buy a Home and get an E-2 Visa?

Real Estate Consultants

The investors who have interests to expand its business in the US, including real-estate are qualified to the E2 visa provided the applicant is a citizen where US has an agreement or treaty. The process of the E2 visa involves immigration business plan to show the US consulate that the investor is capable of putting up a business in terms of capital resources.

Real estate investors under the E2 visa follow the same procedure. They have to submit legitimate documents like the immigration business plan to demonstrate their capacity to invest in the US. Moreover, under the E2 visa, which is categorized as the non-immigrant visa for the investors, only allows the investors to purchase real estate or to create a new real estate business. In short, the investor is only to engage actively in the real estate business, and they are not allowed to do passive investments.

Can E2 Investors Buy a Home?

Following the non-immigrant policies for the E2 visa holders, real estate investors cannot own a house or own a stock. Therefore, the purpose of the investor is to do business for a profit, and they are not to engage in non-profitable ventures.see this site here!

How to Process For an E2 Visa

Foreign investors who wish to expand his or her real estate in the US have to submit tons of documents to fulfill the US consulate requirements. This document-intensive petition is a challenge for foreign investors, but they have practical options to choose from. The applicants can start the documentation by themselves, or they can hire an experienced immigration law firm to do everything.
To begin the process of the E2 visa, the applicant needs to demonstrate his or her capacity to finance a real estate investment.

The requirement is best-supported with the following legitimate papers;

• Financial statement/Bank Statements/ Loan/mortgage documents

• Immigration Business Plan

• Partnership agreement

• Lease agreement

• Tax returns

Specifically, the immigration business plan is where the investor demonstrates his or her preparation on how the real estate will run in the next five years. At a minimum, the investor’s visa is granted for a maximum of five years but there is no cap for this type of visa. The visa holder can then renew his or her visa every time it expires without any limit.

Real Estate Consultants

Given the five-year investor’s visa calendar, a business plan has to be detailed on the company’s direction. The US government grants this type of visa with certain goals in mind as well. The new investment should generate jobs for their citizen, and it must be profitable during the whole business venture. Idle investments are not or investments that do not bring a profitable edge to the US are not turned down. Therefore, the real estate investment has to be sustainable and profitable to both parties.

To get the E2 visa approved, immigration lawyers have their path to follow towards the visa approval. On the other hand, if the application is initially denied, the lawyers can re-file the E2 visa petition this time following what the US consulate requires for the foreign investors.

Want To Start A Small Business in the United States? An E-2 Visa May Be Perfect For You.

U.S. Small Business

To achieve business sustainability, business expansion is the right approach. If you are thinking of expanding your business in the US do not let any challenges get in the way. When you have a size able amount of financial resources, you can start to plan for the next branch in the US.

The US consulate can grant you an entrepreneur visa provided all the documents, and requirements are complied with. There is the non-immigrant visa for an entrepreneur, which is the E2 and the L1 visa, there is an immigrant visa for the entrepreneurs that is the EB5 visa type.

What is E2 Visa?

The E2 visa is for the business people who wish to put up a new business in the US. The entrepreneur may either buy the pre-existing business in the US or establish a new one. Now for a foreign investor to be granted this kind of visa, he or she must be a citizen of a country where the US has a treaty or agreement with, therefore, the applicant must be a citizen of the treaty country to qualify for the E2 visa and the applicant needs to submit the E2 visa business plan.

Potential E2 Visa Applicants

• Entrepreneur/business-people who want to purchase or franchise business in the US

• Real Estate Investors
Investment Capital and Reserves

• At least $100,000 – $200,000 to be on the safe side
Requirements for E2 Visa

• Demonstrate the business is legitimate

o Financial statement to know if there is a substantial capital investment
o Long Term lease agreement
o Quarterly reports
o Business licenses/Business Table of Organization
o Tax returns
o Bank statements
o Escrow documents

• Demonstrate that the business is not within the marginal group

o Payroll summaries
o Business Plan
o Individual tax returns

• Provide the source of your funds

o Bank statements
o Pay records
o Loan/mortgage agreements
o Foreign tax returns
o Property records
o Moreover, documents showing the legal source of funds

• Demonstrate that applicant can direct and develop the business

o Partnership agreement
o Franchise agreement
o Minutes of the meeting
o Articles of Incorporation
o By-laws
o Stock purchase agreement, etc.

For foreign entrepreneurs, working out these documents can be time-consuming, and it can take productive time away from the business while doing all the paper works. The amount of time spent in collating and making all the E2 visa business plan is a difficult task. Even if the task is entrusted to the CPA the applicant needs to know every detail of the document to pass the interview process. The US consulate is very keen on details and when there is something that is unsubstantiated in the documents the application may either take more weeks or months to process or outright denial.visit us now!

U.S. Small Business

What most foreign applicants do to get the E2 visa is to seek legal assistance to the experienced immigration lawyer to process all the needed documents. This arrangement, however, is optional but for a foreign national to process their E2 visa, the entire task may be crushing. Getting approved for the first time is best, however; when the applicant gets a denied stamp, this means repeating the whole process again and this time with the help of an immigration lawyer.
To get a visa the first time you apply, partner with the immigration expert to get it right.

Get a strong passport make you qualify to travel around world without a visa.

best passports

There is some agreement between the states associated with some links to historical or economic interests is called Visa Free in the sense that you enter the country without needing a visa or refer to the Embassy.

Republic of Botswana

Have you heard of this name already exists?? Do you know where is it?? Republic of Botswana is a state border with the Republic of South Africa. I think many people know much about South Africa and its resources and its economy strong. And may be followed the World Cup Soccer 2010, which was held in the Republic of South Africa.read more here!

Did you know that the passport of the Republic of Botswana enters more than fifty countries without needing a visa and on top of these states, Canada and Britain.

Did you know that the passport of the Republic of South Africa into more than fifty countries without needing a visa and on top of these countries New Zealand and Ireland.
We are working in this office experts in the naturalization program in Botswana or South Africa.

Second nationality through naturalization

Some people were born in some countries with limited opportunities in employment and income and are tired of insults at each embassy to apply for a visa each time they wish to travel perhaps because they want to move to another country and secure a better future for themselves and their children.

What does it mean the second nationality?

Is that you get another nationality in addition to your nationality mother:see:

What are the advantages of getting citizenship second

To enjoy all that enjoyed by the citizens of this State

Freedom of travel to many countries without needing a visa.
In addition to ease of obtaining a visa for the country that need a visa. Are those equal, for example the applicant for a visa from the United States has the right to enter Canada and Britain without a visa with others?

Insurance sexual freedom and alternative permanent residence for you and your family.

Avoid taxes and freedom to invest in some foreign countries is characterized by facilities in investment and tax exemptions.
If you are a citizen in the isolated country or country do not enjoy universal popularity.

Avoid the risks posed by the inclusion of citizenship within the current list of incubator for terrorism.

Avoid military service if they are mandatory in your country.
The future for you and your family to carry the nationality of another country enjoys a stable and bright future.

Avoid political risk: There are some countries where there is a risk of civil wars and the collapse of law and order is a real possibility. Persons from these countries that want to ensure their physical, economic, and that of their families through a country which can be a safe haven if it became necessary for them to flee from their country of origin.

Stateless Persons (stateless): There are many people unfortunately do not belong to any country. Can these people take the opportunity to become a citizen of the country for the first time.

Today we offer you the naturalization of the Republic of Botswana or the Republic of South Africa

The idea of naturalization great idea

Who wants to migrate to first world countries and enjoy the advantages enjoyed by those living in these countries
Those who face difficulties in obtaining a visa to travel to any place, embassies and consulates dealing with every nationality on the strength of the passport and citizenship, which carries the bear.
Who wants to invest. Yes, citizenship, carried by determining the size of the facilities that you will get from the state in which you live your country, including the mother.

Why does not dream of a better future for you and your family?

That you feel you must verify your dream difficult to remember such a simple mention in our office here, the son of a Muslim citizen of a small central African continent, Kenya has become a black U.S. President’s most powerful nations of the world
For the naturalization program in South Africa or Botswana it is the simplest programs in the naturalization compared to many other countries in terms of procedures, time and costs.

We are working in this field since more than seven years, we have the sense of experience to complete your papers to the fullest and in the shortest time possible.

best passports

Get a passport you can travel to more than fifty countries without a visa, such as Canada and Ireland Ngeltra Zealand
To learn more about the Republic of South Africa and countries available to travel without a visa to passport holders South Africa Click here

To learn more about the Republic of Botswana and the countries available to travel without a visa to passport holders South Africa Click here

Why South Africa and Botswana

One of the most politically stable countries, per capita income is high.
States have the natural resources of gold and diamonds.

Low costs of obtaining it than others.

Is one of the first countries in the world where income is high.
Democratic states, to ensure freedom of opinion.
States follow the Commonwealth.

Franchise Ownership vs Home Office for Immigrants

franchise owners

Have You Thought About Owning a Franchise or Working from Home?

I often come across with quite a few immigrants running a subway or a 7-Eleven.

Must be worth it then…or easy….We’ll see.

When you choose NOT to work for a company one of the popular options is to work from home so just to kill 2 birds with 1 stone I am going to bring that up for you today. lol

Franchise Overview:

The initial cost depends on the franchise. For example, Subway’s initial cost is about $84,000. Good thing about buying a big name is the BIG NAME. Everybody knows and trusts the name so won’t need any advertising.check this out!

The average of buying a franchise is said to be $20,000-50,000. But this is not all.

You also have to consider:

Legal Fees
In some cases they require you to match the till( cash in the cash register) with the total sales say for the day.

If it doesn’t match the owner have to match meaning you have to put your own money in…. ouch….

This is just a surface.

What if your trusted (at least you thought) employee stole a few dollars out of the till day after day?

What if you were too busy to check the vendor’s truck and left 5 boxes of chips instead of 6?

Who’s gonna cover the loss?

You. The owner.

Running a franchise is equal to running a business. It’s hard. It’s not for everybody.

The upside is that if you make $1000 a month for yourself and get a hang of it you can buy another location and make another $1000.

If you run 10 locations that’s $10K a month.

That’s BIG.

Home Office overview:

I actually know quite a few people who works from home including myself.

Mortgage Broker
Physio Therapist
Day Home
Direct Sales/MLM Marketer
They may enjoy…

Tax write offs
Be your own boss concept
Income (depends of the business)

franchise owners

But they mat not enjoy…

Income (depends of the business)http://www.torontoimmigrationlawyer.net/get-strong-passport-make-qualify-travel-around-world-without-visa/
Hours (some business is busy on weekends and holidays)
High expenses
Lack of communication with peers and teammates

If you ask me I personally like the idea of working from home rather than franchising but if you like the REAL CHALLENGE you might want to consider finding the franchise of your passion.
How do you know which one is better fit for you?

You can try my 3-step here.

Or when you know you know, you know..

Canada Immigration Appeals


If you submit an application to gain residency in Canada, a Canadian Immigration Lawyer can help you with a Canada Immigration Appeal, which is your right. The appeal will be filed with the Federal Court of Canada or with the Immigration Appeal Division.

Federal Court of Canada Immigration Appeals

All denied immigration applications can be appealed in the Federal Court of Canada. For an example: a visa application is denied by an officer at the immigration office overseas, or a refugee’s claim is refused by the Immigration and Refugee Board. These two files are administrative decisions that would be subject to review.

When an appeal is filed, the court is basically trying to discover whether the denial was made within the proper context of the law. The Court will consider whether the decision made was within the jurisdiction of the one who made it, if it was made in fairness, and was reasonably made in light of the evidence presented. A Canada Immigration Lawyer can handle the case on their behalf, making it unnecessary for the applicant to appear at the court in person.

If a decision is found to have been made incorrectly, the case will usually be resubmitted for review by a different decision-maker. The Canada immigration appeal needs to be sent in to the court within 15 days of denials made in Canada, and 60 days if the denial occurred outside of Canada. It is important to highlight the need to act with a sense of urgency if you want to file an appeal.

Appeals Made Through Immigration Appeal Division

There are certain instances where an immigration denial will need to be filed with the IAD or Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board. This board is a Canadian Administrative Tribunal. Your Canada Immigration Lawyer can help you file your appeal within the 30 days period in which it is allowed. Again, it is important to act with urgency to maintain your right to appeal. The following cases can be appealed to the IAD:(http://www.irb-cisr.gc.ca/Eng/NewsNouv/info/Pages/FactIadSai.aspx)

Sponsor Appeals: A sponsor who is a Canadian citizen (or permanent resident) that has made an attempt at sponsoring a member of their family and the application has been rejected has the right to file an appeal within 30 days of receiving written denial.


Permanent Resident Appeals: If you are a person who is classified as a permanent resident or hold a permanent resident visa and you have been ordered to leave Canada or refused residence, you too may file an appeal within 30 days of receiving the written removal order.

Refugee Appeals: A refugee who was once granted protection that is currently being denied may also need a Canada Immigration Lawyer to help them file an appeal within the 30 days after a written letter of removal has been received.

Appeals for Residency: This applies to a permanent resident who is currently in another country and it has been determined that requirements for residency have not been fulfilled. This appeal must be filed within 60 days of receiving written notice.

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