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Business Plan For L1 Visa – Who Will Be Eligible?

Business Plan For L1 Visa – Who Will Be Eligible?

Creating a business plan for L1 Visa can actually be a lot easier when you know what you’re doing. You can also visit this site for more information. However, a major problem for most that are denied is the fact they aren’t eligible in the first place and require a different visa type. Now, there are lots of different rules, laws and regulations when it comes to visas in the US so you have to ensure you are going to be eligible for your chosen visa. Who will be eligible for a L1 visa?

Ownership and Control

To create an L1 Visa business plan and be eligible for submitting the plan you must have some working business relationship. You can also visit our top article here. For example your business in your country, say Germany, must be owned or controlled by you, whether its co-ownership or full ownership as well as the new office being set up in the US. Basically the new office based in the US must be an affiliate or parent company or even a subsidiary of the current foreign business.

Business Plan For L1 Visa – Who Will Be Eligible?

Physical Space Is a Must

For anyone setting up a new branch of their business in the US, they absolutely must have physical office space. Now, this doesn’t mean one room above a cafe or based in an apartment, but actual sufficient space for the day to day running of the business. For example if the business was dealing with textiles, it would need a large office space, potentially a warehouse to house all of the appropriate materials and to work from there comfortably. Too many people submit their business plan for L1 visa but forget to lease proper office space for the business which results in them being denied entry.

The Open Office

There is a requirement that any new offices for the business must be opened and actively operation within a certain period of time. This is usually one year and if the business does not have an open or operating office there will not be an extension granted. The year period should be sufficient time to get employees hired and the business up and running. Every business is different of course so you may be judged on the exact type of business you run. Ideally however, when you are setting out the goals of your L1 visa business plan, you need to highlight the fact how long it should take to get the business set up.

An Extension

The requirements for an extension can very well depend on the type of business you run and many other factors including your managerial position. Now, since every business is different, it is hard to say for certainty you will or will not be granted an extension. If you need extra information you can visit this link:http://www.uscis.gov/eir/visa-guide/l-1-intracompany-transferee/understanding-l-1-requirements. However, if you meet certain specifications and can prove the business is doing extremely well, there shouldn’t be too much of an issue. When you are creating your business plan for L1 visa, you should include finances and projects for the upcoming years so that you can show you’re on target if that is possible.

L1 Visa Business Plan Is Important, Don’t Mess It Up

When you know whether or not you are eligible for a L1 Visa, creating the business plan shouldn’t be too difficult. Yes, there are a lot of obstacles to climb over however a strong business plan does go a long way in helping your cause greatly. Remember, the authorities want to see real potential and a novel idea; take your time and show off your strengths. Create the best business plan for L1 visa today.

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