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Will Changes to US Law Make It Harder For You to Create an Immigration Business Plan?

Creating a good immigration business plan will make the difference between getting approved for an L1 visa and getting rejected. Despite what you might think, it’s not always easy to get approved for such visas as there are thousands of applicants each and every year. However, the US government wants to ensure the right people are getting into the country that can make a difference, a positive impact, on the economy. There have been recent changes to the immigration laws which have left many believing they won’t be eligible for entry. Will it be harder to get an L1 business visa?

Changes Don’t Make a Difference to Your Business Plans

While the changes to the law can always present a few issues, they don’t always have to have that much of an impact on your overall plans. What matters most, is your business plan and whether or not it’s good enough. Your business is what matters most and if you don’t have a good enough business or the business plan lacks then it’s going to be impossible to get a business visa. People often forget that and it’s causing them to make simple but crucial mistakes with their L1 visa business plan. At the end of the day, the laws matter but so does your business plans and how strong they really are.

Always Add Your Business Outlines and Projections for the Future

Your immigration business plan can be great but you do have to ensure you add the relevant information. You cannot forget to add a basic introduction about the business as well as what your past profits have been and what the projected future profits might be. What is more, you have to outline your plans to contribute to the American workforce by stating how many employees you may want to hire. That can really be useful and it will help to ensure your plans look stronger. However, you cannot lie in the business plan, you have to be honest about everything and ensure you are clear on every aspect of the business.

Seek Help If You Aren’t Sure About Your Business Plans

For those who aren’t sure how to proceed with their business plans, should maybe seek help from a professional who has gone through this process. It’s a very important part of your visa application and if you don’t get it right, you could miss out. Far too many business owners have great businesses but fail to deliver with their business plan. You have to try and get all the relevant information into the plan and to deliver it in a manner that is most effective. The L1 visa business plan can be your friend but you do have to ensure everything about it is in good order.

Know the Changes before You Submit Any Business Plan

While you might think most of the changes won’t affect you, you have to be sure. It is always advisable to go ahead and talk to someone who knows the changes to business visa laws. You should find out as much information as you can so that you don’t waste your time on a business plan that might fail. When you know everything there is to know about these visas and plans then it will be far easier to submit a successful immigration business plan.

Top 5 Things to Do Before Obtaining an EB5 Visa


If you have an interest in the EB5 visa business plan as a method to get to the United States, there are some steps you have to take to prepare yourself. By chance, you can do most with the little assist from others. Given that the EB5 visa program will probably allow you to reach this country in a year, the preparations are minuscule in comparison to what you will get.

Get in Contact With an Experienced Immigration Lawyer

They should be able to provide a free consultation in which you will provide you advice on whether your business plan is healthy enough to use. A lot of regional centers need a fee to apply, in addition to getting $ 500,000 to $ 10, 00,000. It would be an embarrassment to get this money and not have a business plan that is up to par, so talking to an immigration lawyer is a useful first step.

Refine Your Business Plan

Even if the immigration lawyer you meet with considers your plan to be appropriate, he or she will often point out a few room for improvement. Most people do not do well in the first attempt, principally if this is your first business plan. Making sure you are as close to impeccable as possible is significant before attending the official meeting that will define when you are approved for the EB5 program. A good business plan may go a long way.

Consider Where You Want to Set Up Your Business

If you have $ 1 million to invest and an exceptional business plan that can work anyplace, you can choose from any area of the country to establish your business. On the other hand, when you plan to invest just $ 500,000, you will have to select a Regional Center. You can find a minimum one in almost all 50 states, and the best news is that you do not always have to live close to your business when using a Regional Center. Actually, you may live across the country if you elect not to participate in the daily operations, know how.

Ensure You Can Get the Funds

While the EB5 visa does not need you to earn money, you must prove that you obtained it validly. By the way, it may be a gift, a loan or the savings of your life, but you should be able to prove that it is legitimately yours.

Select an Attorney and Start the Process

You can choose to go for some free consultations first, but you should choose an immigration attorney to help you get started when your business plan looks professional. You can even decide to pay a retention fee per month to always have their tips on hand.

Your certain lawyer will tell you what the next steps are. Getting started is usually the most challenging part of the process. Following these initial steps can assist you at least get started the EB5 business plan, see more: http://jdcconsultancy.com/

The H-1B Visa Issue Explained

Many people are confused about the new Immigration Business Plan or the H-1B visa plan that the president of America, Donald Trump instate. There are many questions and confusion about this new visa law and there are many people that don’t agree with this new law. This is some of the information and explanation of the H-1B, so that you can understand what it means, and how people of America will be affected:

What is the H-1B visa program?

The first thing that you need to know, is what the new immigration business plan really means. This is a visa program that is going to ensure that people that are highly skilled will be those that are going to get a working visa for the USA a lot easier than other people that aren’t really highly skilled.

This means that this program will make it possible for foreigners that are having degrees and master degrees the possibility to get work in the USA and to get a better chance for working opportunities.

Why did he start this new visa program?

This is a way for America to get more people to their country that are highly skilled and that can be beneficial to the economics of the country. Making sure that those that are highly skilled are getting a working visa, but that those that might end up without work or that can increase the workless statistics, won’t get a working visa that easily.

This can be a great thing for foreigners that are highly schooled, but it makes it difficult for the normal person to get a visa for the USA. The new immigration business plan is beneficial for some and making it hard for others. Click here !

What it can mean for the country

For the country, the new visa program or immigration business plan will be great, because they will have more highly qualified people that are able to increase the economics of the country. However, for the people of USA, it can be something hard.

This is because there will be foreigners that will be getting the work above the American citizens that don’t have the highest qualifications. So, Americans will struggle to get work while the foreigners will take their positions.

Who will benefit the most with this program?

You should consider carefully about who will really benefit from this new immigration business plan. First of all, there will be fewer foreigners that don’t have the qualifications to get a work, and make it easier for Americans to get the normal, everyday work.

However, the foreigners with the higher education will be taking the higher posts and will leave the normal American without a job, or with an underpaid job.

The H-1B is a visa program that the president of the USA instated. However, there are many people that are criticizing the new visa program because it can harm the normal Americans for getting jobs. But, there are some positives also with the immigration business plan that was instated. Visit this site for more information : http://jdcconsultancy.com/

How Long Can an E-2 Visa be issued for?

The E2 Visa Business Plan is a visa for people that are going to buy a business in the U.S. With this visa you should be able to invest a certain amount of money in the United States of America. It is important to have as much information as possible about this visa, before you can apply for the visa. Here are some of the information about how long this visa can be issued for, and other information, that you need to be able to get this visa:

When can you apply for this visa?

You need to be able to invest normally more than $50 000 to the United States to be able to get the E2 Visa Business Plan. And, the business that you are planning to open in the US should also give jobs to people living in the country.

You should also be from a certain country. You can’t get the visa, if you are living in any country. You should be living in a country like Canada, Australia, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Spain, France, Egypt and Senegal. Then, you will be able to qualify for this visa.

The period that the E2 visa can be issued for

Normally the E2 Visa Business Plan can be issued for 5 years. But, there are some aspects that are being takin in consideration, before the final amount of time is being set.

There are some other aspects that can affect the time period of the visa. The first thing, is that the discretion of consular officer that adjudicates your petition. But also the reciprocity between the applicant’s country and the United States can have an impact on the time period that the visa can be issued for.

Other information about the E2 visa

If the investor is going to run the business indefinitely, he might want to ask for the 5 year time period. The E2 Visa Business Plan can be renewed after the 5 year period is over. However, this doesn’t mean that the person is going to get the 5 year period. The Consular officer might want to lessen the time period, because he wants to see if the business will be a success before he makes the visa available for 5 years.

When the investor’s time period is expiring, the consular officer will look at the business and see if there were citizens that are working at the business, and if the business is really making enough money. Then, they will renew the visa for another 5 years.

If you are thinking about getting a visa for starting a business in the US, then you should make sure that you are doing as much research about the E2 visa as possible. It is really important to make sure that you are knowing all the rules and regulations, before you start the process. This is just going to make the chance of succeeding with the application for your E2 Visa Business Plan so much better, and will ensure that you are going to the get the 5 year time period for starting your business in the US.

Find out more information in our post here: http://www.torontoimmigrationlawyer.net/want-to-start-a-small-business-in-the-usa-an-e-2-visa-may-be-perfect-for-you/

Want To Start A Small Business in the USA? An E-2 Visa May Be Perfect For You.

The thought of beginning your own business might dependably have been something at the forefront of your psyche E2 Visa Business Plan. It unquestionably was for me yet given that I was not a green card holder, I thought beginning my own business was impossible for me. I was additionally not empowered by the “Enormous” business EB-5 green card class where a $1 Million dollar INVESTMENT needed. When I turned into an attorney and acknowledged I needed to begin my law office, I immediately recognized however that the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa was the ideal choice for me.

The key points of interest of the E2 Visa Business Plan, is the unending span, the way that your family can accompany you furthermore work in the U.S.  The little venture sum that is needed. Indeed, your fantasy of turning into an entrepreneur in the U.S. could turn into a reality by spending as meager as $15,000.

The rest of this post compresses the principle necessities for an E2 Visa Business Plan and a portion of the regular issues.

You Must Be National of a Treaty Nation

The Business Plan for E2 Visa is just to individuals from the nations that the U.S. has a Treaty with numerous Western countries is on the rundown. However, there are likewise countries from Africa, Asia and the Middle East on the rundown. Israel was just as of late added to the summary. A complete review of the nations on the rundown found here.

  • You Must Have INVESTED or even Be Actively in the Process of INVESTING
  • Keeping in mind the end goal to fulfill this some piece of the test, you must satisfy three necessities.
  • Show Legitimate Possession as well as Control of the Funds
  • All Funds INVESTED are “At Risk” & Irrevocably Committed
  • You Must Be Close to Starting the Business

You Must Be in a Position to “Create & Direct” the Business with Skills

You cannot get the Business Plan for E2 Visa unless you are the particular case that is going to direct and maintain the company. Additionally, you must have the proper ability set such that the Government has confidence that the company will be reasonable. Case in point, you would likely not have many achievements getting and E-2 Visa on the off chance that you needed to open an eatery if the experience you had were eating in an eatery. Regularly, your instructive foundation and experience ought to recommend that you will be in a position to make the business a win. More details here!

Your INVESTMENT Must Be Substantial for E2 Visa Business Plan.

The U.S. Government does not have a foreordained sum that they consider generous. As being what indicated, your INVESTMENT could be as little as $15,000 or as high as millions. INVESTED around $50,000 however just burned through $13,000 for hardware, furniture, and different things. I additionally stored $35,000 in my business account as working capital. You ought to note that sit still trade sitting in for spendable dough a business record NOT viewed as an INVESTMENT  yet the administration will consider a sensible measure of working capital as a feature of an INVESTMENT. This little venture was adequate because I was setting up a government arranged business that does not cost much to set up.

In the event that the business was saying an automaker, the obliged venture sum would have been considerably more. You ought to guarantee that you keep records of the majority of your users as the administration will need to see them. You can read all the more about how substantial the Investment sum ought to be.

Your Investment & Business Cannot Be Marginal                                       

This implies that the business cannot be set up, so it gives a method for living only for yourself and crew. You can show a company is not peripheral by assembling a marketable strategy that shows development more than a 5-year period or by demonstrating that you plan to contract representatives later on. You can figure out all the more about the insignificance necessity.

You Must Intend to Return to Your Home Country after Expiration

This is not a troublesome test to meet, and all you must do is sign an archive that demonstrates you plan to return home once your visa terminates. Not at all like numerous different permits do you need to explain any binds to your nation of origin like a home there. Your mate and family can likewise get E2 Visa Business Plan, and your companion can get full work approval. Discover all the more about the spousal job support.

All things considered, this is an awesome Visa for the individuals who wish to begin a little business in the U.S.The Visa has a broad documentation prerequisite, and you are unequivocally informed to look for the help regarding a legal counselor. Scott Legal Services, P.C., has been through the procedure and adequately recorded the Visa appeal for this commercial so who better go Guide Business Plan for E2 Visa.

See about business resources here: http://jdcconsultancy.com/business-resources/

Can I get an E-2 Visa with a low amount of Investment? Is there a minimum amount of an Investment?

Foreign workers

The E2 Visa is granted to investors or business people who wish to purchase an existing business in the US or to establish a new business. The said visa is granted to investors who have a substantial capital to support the investment in the US. Also, only those investors who are a citizen of a country under the US treaty are eligible to apply for the E2 Visa.

How much is the needed capital for the E2 Visa?

To be on the safer side, the amount of money needed for the E2 visa is around $100,000. Although, there are immigration law firm stated that they had obtained information on the investment at $35,000 in the bank as working capital. Some agencies shared investment quote than the others; however, understanding the US consulate requirement, the investor should be able to demonstrate the capacity to fund the investment means the amount has to be significant. The $100,000 bank statement for the working capital is more on the safer side considering the volatile.

Depending on the nature of investment that the investor is investing in, the amount of investment may be not that exuberant, just like in the car manufacturing industry. The amount of investment is dependent on the nature of the business. Some experts say that the $15,000 investment got approved. In short, there is required investment account in US currency but it all depends on the type of investment that the foreign investor wants to buy or establish in the US.

How To Begin The E2 Visa Process

The number one requirement that the foreign investor has to prepare is the business plan. The business plan for E2 Visa should contain the financials of the company, and this is where the capital for the investment is detailed. The applicant must demonstrate his or her capacity to finance the investment to support the new business venture, a business plan should include;

• The source of funds

o Bank deposits
o Sources of the capital
o Escrow Documents
o Or legitimate financial statement

Apart from these documents, the applicant should also demonstrate how to finance the business in the next five years. The E2 visa expires in five years time, but it can be renewed without any cap. The applicant needs to support this claim by providing the following;

Foreign workers

o Five-year cash flow projections
o Revenue and Expenses projections
o Market research
o And other pertinent documents

The business plan for E2 visa requires intensive documentation, and it is for this reason that most applicants seek the services of the immigration lawyers to help them out on the documentation process. The preparation of the immigration business plan is tedious plus the outcome has to be professionally written to favor fast approval of the visa. Lastly, the visa processing once all the documents are handed in runs for three weeks to three months depending on the number of applicants and in the review of the documents process.

Do I have to make a Business Plan to Get an E-2 Visa?

E-2 Visa Seminar

The E2 visa or also known as the investor’s visa is granted to business people/investors who are financially capable of investing in the US. Secondly, the applicant has to be a citizen of the foreign country that the US has ties with or treaty. The E2 visa processing, once all the documents are submitted can run from three weeks to three months.

Important Visa Requirement

The bulk of the document is on the business plan. For all E2 visa applicants, a business plan is a must prior visa processing. The good news is the foreign applicant can entrust the making of the business plan to the immigration law firm. Most law firms now have the immigration business plan writing following what the US consulate requirement. Also, the making of the business plan for the E2 visa can be delegated to the applicant’s Certified Accountant and submit the same to the consulate.

How To Present Business Plan Content

• Primarily, the business plan for E2 Visa is the crucial document to demonstrate the applicant’s capacity to finance his or her investment in the US. In the business plan, it should reflect the company’s capital. A sizeable amount of money is needed to purchase existing business in the US or in putting up a new investment in a foreign land. Therefore, the capital that is stated in the business plan adheres to the requirement.

o Mission/Vision statement

o Long terms goals

o Market Research/Analysis (http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/10/29/ibm-and-twitter-team-up-to-give-business-a-gauge-powered-by-social-media/)

o Personnel/Manpower Plan

o Product and Services Description

o Detailed Financial Plan

• The business plan has to be cohesive and simple. The data need not be short, but it must highlight the important figure so that the US consul reviewing the business plan data does not have to spend extra time deciphering the document.

• Document organization spells the difference. For ease in the review process, the business plan has to be sorted out in accordance to the table of contents to avoid any delay in the processing proper. Using a colored tab for each section can help in categorizing the documents.

E-2 Visa Seminar

• The executive summary is the first part of the business plan, and usually, this is where the visa reviewer/adjudicator looks at first. Hence, the summary should be concise, at least 1-2 pages detailing the important points in the entire business plan and setting things up so you know what is to come next.

• Lastly, before finalizing a business plan, have it checked by another person, either a colleague or a professional writer. This is to ensure a faultless business plan to get a visa approved based on the schedule.

The business plan for E2 Visa documentation is intensive, and for a foreign applicant to do all the paperwork, this can be daunting. Any misprints or error in the data can mean the denial of a visa or an extended time for visa processing to rectify the faults in the documents. The delay or denial of the visa can mean other expenses for the re-filling of the visa and for hiring the immigration lawyer.

Does an Investment in Real-Estate Qualify for an E-2 Visa? Can I buy a Home and get an E-2 Visa?

Real Estate Consultants

The investors who have interests to expand its business in the US, including real-estate are qualified to the E2 visa provided the applicant is a citizen where US has an agreement or treaty. The process of the E2 visa involves immigration business plan to show the US consulate that the investor is capable of putting up a business in terms of capital resources.

Real estate investors under the E2 visa follow the same procedure. They have to submit legitimate documents like the immigration business plan to demonstrate their capacity to invest in the US. Moreover, under the E2 visa, which is categorized as the non-immigrant visa for the investors, only allows the investors to purchase real estate or to create a new real estate business. In short, the investor is only to engage actively in the real estate business, and they are not allowed to do passive investments.

Can E2 Investors Buy a Home?

Following the non-immigrant policies for the E2 visa holders, real estate investors cannot own a house or own a stock. Therefore, the purpose of the investor is to do business for a profit, and they are not to engage in non-profitable ventures.see this site here!

How to Process For an E2 Visa

Foreign investors who wish to expand his or her real estate in the US have to submit tons of documents to fulfill the US consulate requirements. This document-intensive petition is a challenge for foreign investors, but they have practical options to choose from. The applicants can start the documentation by themselves, or they can hire an experienced immigration law firm to do everything.
To begin the process of the E2 visa, the applicant needs to demonstrate his or her capacity to finance a real estate investment.

The requirement is best-supported with the following legitimate papers;

• Financial statement/Bank Statements/ Loan/mortgage documents

• Immigration Business Plan

• Partnership agreement

• Lease agreement

• Tax returns

Specifically, the immigration business plan is where the investor demonstrates his or her preparation on how the real estate will run in the next five years. At a minimum, the investor’s visa is granted for a maximum of five years but there is no cap for this type of visa. The visa holder can then renew his or her visa every time it expires without any limit.

Real Estate Consultants

Given the five-year investor’s visa calendar, a business plan has to be detailed on the company’s direction. The US government grants this type of visa with certain goals in mind as well. The new investment should generate jobs for their citizen, and it must be profitable during the whole business venture. Idle investments are not or investments that do not bring a profitable edge to the US are not turned down. Therefore, the real estate investment has to be sustainable and profitable to both parties.

To get the E2 visa approved, immigration lawyers have their path to follow towards the visa approval. On the other hand, if the application is initially denied, the lawyers can re-file the E2 visa petition this time following what the US consulate requires for the foreign investors.

Want To Start A Small Business in the United States? An E-2 Visa May Be Perfect For You.

U.S. Small Business

To achieve business sustainability, business expansion is the right approach. If you are thinking of expanding your business in the US do not let any challenges get in the way. When you have a size able amount of financial resources, you can start to plan for the next branch in the US.

The US consulate can grant you an entrepreneur visa provided all the documents, and requirements are complied with. There is the non-immigrant visa for an entrepreneur, which is the E2 and the L1 visa, there is an immigrant visa for the entrepreneurs that is the EB5 visa type.

What is E2 Visa?

The E2 visa is for the business people who wish to put up a new business in the US. The entrepreneur may either buy the pre-existing business in the US or establish a new one. Now for a foreign investor to be granted this kind of visa, he or she must be a citizen of a country where the US has a treaty or agreement with, therefore, the applicant must be a citizen of the treaty country to qualify for the E2 visa and the applicant needs to submit the E2 visa business plan.

Potential E2 Visa Applicants

• Entrepreneur/business-people who want to purchase or franchise business in the US

• Real Estate Investors
Investment Capital and Reserves

• At least $100,000 – $200,000 to be on the safe side
Requirements for E2 Visa

• Demonstrate the business is legitimate

o Financial statement to know if there is a substantial capital investment
o Long Term lease agreement
o Quarterly reports
o Business licenses/Business Table of Organization
o Tax returns
o Bank statements
o Escrow documents

• Demonstrate that the business is not within the marginal group

o Payroll summaries
o Business Plan
o Individual tax returns

• Provide the source of your funds

o Bank statements
o Pay records
o Loan/mortgage agreements
o Foreign tax returns
o Property records
o Moreover, documents showing the legal source of funds

• Demonstrate that applicant can direct and develop the business

o Partnership agreement
o Franchise agreement
o Minutes of the meeting
o Articles of Incorporation
o By-laws
o Stock purchase agreement, etc.

For foreign entrepreneurs, working out these documents can be time-consuming, and it can take productive time away from the business while doing all the paper works. The amount of time spent in collating and making all the E2 visa business plan is a difficult task. Even if the task is entrusted to the CPA the applicant needs to know every detail of the document to pass the interview process. The US consulate is very keen on details and when there is something that is unsubstantiated in the documents the application may either take more weeks or months to process or outright denial.visit us now!

U.S. Small Business

What most foreign applicants do to get the E2 visa is to seek legal assistance to the experienced immigration lawyer to process all the needed documents. This arrangement, however, is optional but for a foreign national to process their E2 visa, the entire task may be crushing. Getting approved for the first time is best, however; when the applicant gets a denied stamp, this means repeating the whole process again and this time with the help of an immigration lawyer.
To get a visa the first time you apply, partner with the immigration expert to get it right.

Get a strong passport make you qualify to travel around world without a visa.

best passports

There is some agreement between the states associated with some links to historical or economic interests is called Visa Free in the sense that you enter the country without needing a visa or refer to the Embassy.

Republic of Botswana

Have you heard of this name already exists?? Do you know where is it?? Republic of Botswana is a state border with the Republic of South Africa. I think many people know much about South Africa and its resources and its economy strong. And may be followed the World Cup Soccer 2010, which was held in the Republic of South Africa.read more here!

Did you know that the passport of the Republic of Botswana enters more than fifty countries without needing a visa and on top of these states, Canada and Britain.

Did you know that the passport of the Republic of South Africa into more than fifty countries without needing a visa and on top of these countries New Zealand and Ireland.
We are working in this office experts in the naturalization program in Botswana or South Africa.

Second nationality through naturalization

Some people were born in some countries with limited opportunities in employment and income and are tired of insults at each embassy to apply for a visa each time they wish to travel perhaps because they want to move to another country and secure a better future for themselves and their children.

What does it mean the second nationality?

Is that you get another nationality in addition to your nationality mother:see:

What are the advantages of getting citizenship second

To enjoy all that enjoyed by the citizens of this State

Freedom of travel to many countries without needing a visa.
In addition to ease of obtaining a visa for the country that need a visa. Are those equal, for example the applicant for a visa from the United States has the right to enter Canada and Britain without a visa with others?

Insurance sexual freedom and alternative permanent residence for you and your family.

Avoid taxes and freedom to invest in some foreign countries is characterized by facilities in investment and tax exemptions.
If you are a citizen in the isolated country or country do not enjoy universal popularity.

Avoid the risks posed by the inclusion of citizenship within the current list of incubator for terrorism.

Avoid military service if they are mandatory in your country.
The future for you and your family to carry the nationality of another country enjoys a stable and bright future.

Avoid political risk: There are some countries where there is a risk of civil wars and the collapse of law and order is a real possibility. Persons from these countries that want to ensure their physical, economic, and that of their families through a country which can be a safe haven if it became necessary for them to flee from their country of origin.

Stateless Persons (stateless): There are many people unfortunately do not belong to any country. Can these people take the opportunity to become a citizen of the country for the first time.

Today we offer you the naturalization of the Republic of Botswana or the Republic of South Africa

The idea of naturalization great idea

Who wants to migrate to first world countries and enjoy the advantages enjoyed by those living in these countries
Those who face difficulties in obtaining a visa to travel to any place, embassies and consulates dealing with every nationality on the strength of the passport and citizenship, which carries the bear.
Who wants to invest. Yes, citizenship, carried by determining the size of the facilities that you will get from the state in which you live your country, including the mother.

Why does not dream of a better future for you and your family?

That you feel you must verify your dream difficult to remember such a simple mention in our office here, the son of a Muslim citizen of a small central African continent, Kenya has become a black U.S. President’s most powerful nations of the world
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Why South Africa and Botswana

One of the most politically stable countries, per capita income is high.
States have the natural resources of gold and diamonds.

Low costs of obtaining it than others.

Is one of the first countries in the world where income is high.
Democratic states, to ensure freedom of opinion.
States follow the Commonwealth.

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